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Over 50% of the UK adult populations have not written a will.  If you are here, it is very likely you are amongst that 50%.

There are countless benefits to making a will.  For one, it allows you to avoid dying intestate (without a will).  If you die intestate, government laws will determine how your estate (the sum total of your assets) will be divided amongst your family members, often in ways that you never intended and are unfavourable.  Dependent on the circumstances, making a will may also allow you to:

  • Specify who is to inherit under your will and the assets they inherit
  • Ensure specific assets and heirlooms are inherited by specified family members
  • Create tax efficient trusts
  • Create trusts for the benefit of children and others
  • Appoint legal guardians for your children
  • Choose the executors of the estate (those with the responsibility of carrying out the wishes of your will)
  • Partly or fully avoid inheritance tax
  • Make charitable disputes
  • Minimise family disputes regarding inheritance
  • Decide on your own funeral arrangements

How to make a will

There are three main ways of writing a will: using a ‘DIY’ will kit, through a professional wills writer or a solicitor.

If you choose to write a will by yourself, there is a risk that you will not fulfill certain legal requirements.  For a will to be legally valid, it needs to be in writing and witnessed.  Valid witnesses can include anyone who is fully sighted, has sufficient mental capacity and is not a beneficiary under the will.  In addition, the person writing the will has to have sufficient mental capacity and make the will free of pressure from others (undue influence & undue pressure).

Advantages of consulting a solicitor

To make sure you have fully considered all your options and make a will that takes advantages of a wide-range of benefits, it makes sense to consult a solicitor.  In the majority of cases, a fixed fee service can be offered, allowing you to plan ahead and be certain of what you have to pay.

More than just will writing advice

We offer a wide range of wills and probate advice.  Services we commonly provide include, but are not limited to:

  • Will preparation, review and amendment
  • Planning advice for Inheritance tax
  • Advice on guardianship, adoption and divorce
  • Assistance in obtaining Grants of Probate
  • Advice regarding contested wills
  • Advice for executors – winding up and distributing estates

Here to help

If you are in the West London area and need wills and probate advice, please get in touch with us at your earliest convenience.

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