Litigation & Disputes

Our dispute resolution and litigation solicitors fully understand that a personal legal dispute or claim is generally a nightmare scenario. We work closely with clients in an open, frank and honest way to advise on the potential strengths, weaknesses and tactics to seek to resolve any dispute as fast and cheaply as possible, including using mediation or Alternative Dispute resolution where possible.

Please consider the list of areas below as to the types of litigation and dispute we can assist with.

Consumer law

  • Consumer disputes
  • Disputes over personal guarantees, undue influence & duress defences
  • Legal issues on sale of good and services
  • Construction, building & tradesmen disputes
  • Unfair contract terms act
  • Holiday claims
  • Freedom of Information Act requests
  • Complaints against and disputes with banks

Family disputes involving business and shares

  • Family business disputes
  • Share valuation disputes
  • Mediation
  • Unfair prejudice claims by minority shareholders

Inheritance Disputes, Contentious Probate and Wills Disputes

  • Claims about the validity of a will
  • Disputes over the administration of estates.
  • Claims that a will is invalid due to lack of mental capacity
  • Claims concerning undue influence or pressure in the making of a will
  • Claims in relation to lost wills
  • Claims for and against executors and trustees
  • Fraud and forgery of wills
  • Court action to replace or remove Executors or Trustees or requesting Court directions.

Property disputes & neighbour issues

  • Nuisance neighbours
  • Trespassing
  • Garden disputes
  • Noise problems & antisocial behaviour
  • Breach of restrictive covenants
  • Tree root problems
  • Access to a neighbour’s land for repairs
  • Landlord & Tenant Disputes
  • Accelerated possession claims
  • Possession proceedings including squatters
  • Advice regarding rent increases
  • Lease extension & purchase of freehold
  • Property co-ownership disputes
  • Management Company Disputes
  • Building disputes

Injury claims & compensation

  • Tripping & slipping claims
  • Whiplash claims
  • Workplace injury claims
  • No win no fee claims
  • Compensation claims

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