Health & Safety Law

Health and safety law

Employers and employees both need to be aware of UK health and safety laws. This is because employers need to be aware of their rights and responsibilities to provide adequate employment protection, while employees need to be aware that they are being managed safely and have regard to the relevant Health and Safety Acts.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 imposes general duties on employers, employees, manufacturers, landlords, suppliers and designers.

Employers are burdened with the most responsibility because they are expected by law to ensure the health, welfare and safety of all their employees is maintained. A written policy must be given to each employee explaining how the employer will do this. Our solicitors are equipped with the expertise to draft these policies to ensure they are complicit with the law. We will also advise you on how to protect contractors and visitors how they will be offered protection at the employers premises.

There is a large list of requirements you must abide by, such as training and appropriate working clothes. We provide clear advice on a regular basis and can organise seminars when required to update you in the law.

We provide the following advice to employers:

* Health and safety leadership seminars

* Health and safety policy seminars

* Risk assessments

* Resourcing health and safety

* Training and Consulting staff -

The law recognises that duties of employers should be balanced by the risk factors compared with time constraints, cost and viability of taking measures to reduce or avoid the risk. If you are an employee you may have differing ideas of what you consider to be reasonably practicable. If there is any kind of dispute you should discuss it with your managers.

Our solicitors are also able to assist employees to ensure they do not put themselves or others at risk and have co-operated accordingly with an employer’s arrangements for health and safety regulations.

As an employee you have the right to stop working and leave an area to avoid being in serious danger. You have the right to inform your employer about health and safety concerns. You are entitled to work where all risks to your health and safety are appropriately controlled. Your employer is expected to provide, free of charge, training to do your job safely; protection for your work such as gloves, eye and ear protection as well as proper foot and head gear. You are also expected by law not to create a dangerous working environment along with other similar duties.

If you are an employer or employee and would like advice on any matter relating to health and safety law do not hesitate to contact us.

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