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For most people, families consist of the people that matter the most in their lives. So, it is perhaps a little bit strange to associate the law with family life and even intrusive.  However, the law governs all areas of human conduct and relationships, families included.

We strive to provide practical and sensitive advice for a wide range of family legal issues.  We commonly provide advice regarding:

  • · Divorce and judicial separation, including dispute resolution, mediation, child residence issues, financial settlements
  • · Separation agreements – used to settle financial matters and child residence issues following separation.
  • · Civil partnerships
  • · Pre-nupital agreements – of dubious legal status, but increasingly accepted by the courts
  • · Cohabitation agreements and disputes
  • · Child residence & contact orders
  • · Maintenance applications
  • · Enforcement of maintenance payments for children and former spouses
  • · Injunctions to stop domestic violence and other behaviours
  • · Inheritance disputes

Divorce and judicial separation

To apply for a divorce,you need to fulfil one of five grounds (see FAQs), be married for 12 months or longer and show that your marriage has “irrecoverably” broken down.  The requirements are broadly the same for judicial separation, although there is not requirement that for you to have been married for 12 months or longer.

Pre-nuptiual agreements

Solicitors are increasingly receiving inquires regarding pre-nuptial agreements.  They are no longer the preserve for the rich and famous and the political establishment is tentatively encouraging their use as a way to increase marriage rates.  Whilst pre-neputials are not legally valid beyond doubt, there is evidence that the courts will take them into account, provided that:

  • · There is open disclosure of financial matters
  • · Both parties have sort independent legal advice regarding the agreement
  • · The marriage hasn’t changed such that the agreement is no longer relevant.  The birth of children would make a pre-nupital agreement irrelevant.

Child contact and residence

In the majority of cases, child residence and contact is settled in private without the court’s interference. However, there are cases which do go to court, and we would be happy to advise you on applying for residence and contact orders and your options for settling any disputes.

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