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Conveyancing is the process of “conveying” or transferring property rights from one person or organisation to others.  Property rights can include a wide-range of things, commonly including freeholds and leaseholds.

The process

There are three main stages involved in a conveyancing transaction:

  • Pre-transaction
  • Exchange
  • Completion

Very generally speaking, at the pre-transaction stage, relevant enquiries of the property will be made , documents contained in the HIP (Home Information Pack) will be examined and exchanged and  drafts of contracts will be made.   The solicitors on the buyer’s side will examine the buyer’s title to check for inconsistencies and on both sides, contracts will be examined at exchange.

At the exchange stage, solicitors will exchange contracts and the purchaser will pay a deposit to ensure he goes through with the purchase.  If either side pulls out at this stage, there will be legal consequences.

At the completion stage, the relevant monies (usually in the form of a mortgage advance) will be exchanged, solicitors fees paid and the purchaser given possession of the property.  The buyer’s solicitor will register the property in the buyer’s name and the transaction is complete.


A lot of conveyancing work consists of searches.  Searches are used to reveal certain bits of information about a property and give the buyer a better idea of what it is they are really buying.   Most freehold transactions will include Local Authority and Drainage and Sewage searches.  These reveal information about planning permissions/developments and drainage and sewage systems respectively.  We recommend these searches as basic minimum.

Depending on the wishes of the any mortgage lender involved with the transaction and the nature of the location, Mining and Environmental searches may be carried out too.  These reveal information about subsidence risks and environmental risks (particularly radon gas) respectively.

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