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You might run a tight ship, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are immune from litigation.  In a world where people are often at cross-purposes and perfection is extremely scarce, disputes are a fact of life. Although it is important to understand the source of the dispute and learn from any mistakes made, in a legal context the way you handle the dispute is equally important.  Litigation is, after all, notoriously expensive and an attractant of unwanted and potentially harmful publicity.

Our litigation team is fully aware of the risks and uncertainties inherent in litigation,  With this in mind, they will strive to come up with a strategy with you at an early stage and if you so wish, aim for an early settlement of the dispute through mediation and other forms of alternate dispute resolution.  At the same time, being a customer-focussed firm, we will make sure you are fully aware of all your options and pursue any legal channels you wish.

Lets have a look at a few common issues businesses frequently come to use with.

Debt recovery

There are three main ways of recovering a debt – by yourself, through a debt recovery agency or a solicitor.  Whilst it is advisable to try and see if you can settle the issue by yourself, sometimes that’s not enough.

The advantage of using a solicitor over debt recovery agencies is way in which you can tailor your approach.  Letters from solicitors often have a bigger effect on the debtor than debt recovery agency letters and relationships with good customers are more easily preserved.

Employment law disputes

You might be compliant with all the relevant employment laws, but unfortunately employer-employee disputes are common, particularly where dismissals take place.  Fortunately, mediation is strongly encouraged in this area of law  and where possible, we will try to negotiate with the employee and take this route.  However, should that prove impossible, we are more than happy to help you prepare for a tribunal and represent your business.

In addition to the two areas above, we also commonly deal with the following:

  • · Contract disputes, including disputes over terms and conditions, guarantees, indemnity clauses and breaches of contract
  • · Disputes with contractors and construction companies
  • · Landlord and tenant disputes
  • · Disputes between shareholders and company directors
  • · Disputes between business partners

To get a better idea of what we can do to help your business resolve disputes and approach litigation in the right way, please get in touch.

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