Business Audits


Business Audits

The law is continually changing which means no matter how well-organised a business is, without knowing the law there could be breaches of UK laws and regulations.

Ealing solicitors offer legal checks on all business enterprises to make sure they are legally compliant. This involves thorough checks on contracts, policies, documents and procedures. A business audit should be viewed as an health check which should  take place on at least an annual basis.

Which legal areas do you provide checks for ?

The most popular areas are in IP, business compliance, employment issues, health and safety and internal legal controls.

How do your business conduct audits for IP ?

We make sure that all client information abides with privacy laws in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Many businesses manage client information which is particularly easy to come by with the use of the internet.

We can also assist in making sure your business brand is protected in the online and offline media.

When it comes to e-commerce systems we can provide you with up-to-date advice about the range of provisions you will have to satisfy. This ranges from understanding what the rules of managing databases with customer details stored on them to understanding what role the EU plays in regulating e-commerce. There is a fine line between marketing your business by email and spam and we can help show you how not to cross that line.

If you sell goods or service to consumers online or by phone then you need to be aware of the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000.

The key features are that you must give clear information about the details of the goods you are offering as well as delivery arrangements and payment. The customer has the right to cancel the goods before 7 days if the goods are not considered easily perishable (milk, flowers etc). You must provide details of the customers order in writing.

What do your audits in business compliance do ?

Compile a business start up checklist and company law records. We make sure Company House files are filed and submitted on time.

We make sure directors are keeping up to par with their duties as outlined under the Companies Act 2006.

What types of health and safety audits do you carry out ?

We carry out risk assessments to make sure fire safety regulations are complied with and health and safety regulations if applicable to the nature of your business. We can assess whether your sickness absence records are updated continually and how to reduce the number of these using certain measures such as tracking patterns.

Do you offer assistance for internal compliance such as credit control ?

Yes. We work alongside your own credit control team if you have one to make sure debts are managed properly and assess these in relation to your accounting records to make sure your business is and will continue to be financially stable.

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