FAQs about Litigation & Disputes

Characteristics of good litigation solicitors

Good litigation solicitors are flexible in their approach, will always try to think one step ahead and advocate their client’s position as strongly as possible.  Where possible, an early yet favourable settlement of the issue is favoured as this saves time, money and effort and is particularly desirable in commercial disputes that might attract unwanted publicity.  Whilst our Ealing litigation solicitors strive to display these qualities in handling disputes, being customer-focused, they will also listen to your preferred methods of attack and advise you accordingly.

What we can deal to help

We have a wide range of expertise in personal and commercial litigation disputes.  We strive to provide our clients with sensible and practical advice that is cost effective and designed to maxmise their chances of reaching a favourable outcome.

We provide advice regarding consumer law and disputes, personal injury claims, property disputes and family disputes (particularly regarding inheritance).

Please refer to the relevant area below to get a better understanding of what we commonly deal with.  Please bear in mind that these are not comprehensive lists and if your particular dispute is not on there, do not hesitate to contact us.  In all likelihood, someone on our team will have experience of dealing with your issue and will have the ability to advise you appropriately.

Personal injury

  • Advice on a no win no fee basis under Conditional Fee Agreements (CFA)
  • General compensation claims for personal injury
  • Trip and slip claims
  • Road accident injuries
  • Injuries in the workplace/during the course of work
  • Compensation claims

Consumer disputes

  • Disputes regarding personal guarantees
  • Undue influence and duress defences
  • Misrepresentation and misdescription of goods and services
  • Disputes concerning the Sale of Goods Act, particularly with regards to the requirements that goods are of ‘satisfactory quality’ ‘as described’ and ‘fit for purpose.
  • Hire purchase agreement disputes
  • Credit agreement disputes
  • Builder/tradesmen disputes
  • Unfair contractual terms
  • Holiday disputes and claims
  • Freedom of Information requests & law
  • Disputes with banks

Property disputes

  • Disputes regarding rights of way
  • Disputes regarding property co-ownership
  • Disputes with management companies
  • Charging orders
  • Mortgage possession claims
  • Accelerated possession claims
  • Eviction/possession proceedings
  • Disputes with tenants over rent arrears
  • Possession order enforcement through bailiffs and other means
  • Disputes between landlords and tenants
  • Trespass claims
  • Adverse possession claims

Family/Inheritance disputes

  • Claims regarding will validity
  • Administration of estate claims
  • Claims asserting the lack of mental capacity of the will writer
  • Claims asserting the will writer was under undue influence or duress
  • Claims regarding of lost Wills
  • Executors and trustees claims and disputes
  • Claims regarding will fraud/forgery
  • Claims under the Provision for Family and Dependants Act 1975