FAQs about Family Law

Family law

How much will a divorce cost ?

The cost varies considerably and ultimately depends on the whether both people in the partnership can agree the terms of the divorce. Our charge out rate is calculated on an hourly basis. We are able to give you estimates once you have given us a detailed explanation of the situation.

Do I need a lawyer ?

We would advise that you do. A divorce is still a complex process and a lawyer can make sure all your rights are properly protected.

Can you work on a success fee basis ?

No, this is not possible. .

Do I have to divorce in the same country my marriage took place ?

No this is not necessary. Please contact our specialists for more details.

My spouse is refusing to get divorced. What can I do?

It probably will not matter. If you have one of the grounds for divorce then a court  can grant the divorce if it thinks the ground is valid.

I think hiring a lawyer is beyond my financial means. What can I do ?

If you are currently on benefits you may  be granted legal aid.

What is a prenuptial agreement ?

A contract that is entered into before marriage specifying how assets will be divided after a divorce.

What happens if we cannot agree who should have custody of the children ?

English courts are able to resolve child related disputes. The most typical dispute seen by the courts relates to who the children should live with after a divorce is granted.  The Court can carry out Orders which dictate which parent is most suited as the child’s residence The courts have measures in place to avoid children from being pressured into favouring one parent over the other which often seems to be the case in these circumstances.

The Courts can also grant Orders relating to whether and how often children have contact from parents.

What types of disputes arise between parents in relation to their children ?

Typical disputes range from the typical child custody and access disputes through to disputes about schooling, passport provision and naming.

This can be complicated and are normally highly charged with acrimony. That is why is important to have a calm and rational solicitor help represent you to disguise fuelled emotions.

Ealing solicitors are capable of handling emotionally charges cases of these natures and have experience with both mothers and fathers.

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