Legal Services for Individuals

At Ealing Solicitors we cannot promise to answer every legal question or issue free, but we can offer some useful guidance and legal tips and pitfalls to assist in the process of discovering legal process or legal issues on areas including divorce, family law, wills, probate, compromise agreements and many other issues. these tips are intended to be highly practical and let’s face it, a lot easier than accessing an academic legal textbook.

We also look to provide not only information but where possible, the benefit of our experience. You should note however that the legal guides in this section are not intended to be nor are they a substitute for taking advice on your particular circumstances whether relating to divorce, family law, a power of attorney, a neighbour dispute, lease extension or in fact any other type of legal issue or service.

Having got a good grasp of the basics, we hope you will give Ealing solicitors the opportunity to assist you further, so please do get in touch with us for any personal legal issues you may have in the Ealing area.