FAQs about Business Audits

Business audits and legal compliance

Why is legal compliance important?

The law is constantly changing.  Irrespective of how well run your business is, you could find that some aspect of it is not legally compliant which can attract expensive litigation and time consuming disputes.

Ealing solicitors are here to help you make sure your business is legally compliant.  We can carry out general business audits and legal compliance checks, covering a wide range of legal areas including:

  • · General business and company law
  • · Intellectual property law
  • · E-commerce law
  • · Employment law
  • · Health and safety regulations

Where possible, it is advisable that audits are carried out on a yearly basis to make sure your business is up to speed with the law.  Think of it as a health check – one that could potentially find fatal problems before they develop.

What is involved with our audits and checks

General business and company law – these are two very broad areas and naturally requirements of an audit will vary according to the type and nature of the business.  An audit for a company, for example, will typically involve making sure directors are following their obligations under the Company Act 2006 company records are kept up to date and filed with Companies House.

Intellectual property – we make sure you are in compliance with general privacy laws, including the Data Protection Act 1998, and make sure any IP rights (copyrights, trademarks, patents) are valid, properly protected and do not infringe the law.  In addition, we can provide general advice regarding brand protection for online and offline media.

E-commercewe make sure your online business is compliant with specific e-commerce regulations, including the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000, which are also applicable where goods are sold by telephone.  These regulations state that you must give clear information about the goods you are selling, provide details of the order in writing and give the customer seven days to cancel the order, so long as the goods are not perishable.

Health and Safety – we make sure you are in compliance with fire safety regulations and health and safety regulations relevant to the nature of the business you run, in addition to ensuring sickness and absence records are kept properly and are up to date.

Making sure your business is healthy

What has been covered here is just an overview of the types of services we offer.  To fully understand how we can make sure your business is legally healthy, please get in touch at your earliest convenience.

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