Legal Services for Businesses


One of the main advantages to faqs and guides providing an overview of some common business law issues is that they give clients and prospective clients in the Ealing area a basis for perhaps negotiating before instructing solicitors, in the knowledge and awareness of some of the fundamental issues which the lawyers would otherwise argue over once the transaction has already started. Anything which saves legal costs is an advantage and satisfied clients are in our experience repeat clients.

The way we have approached the legal summary section of the site is simple – if we can’t provide a good starting point and explain an issue within a 10 line answer, there’s no point. Nor is there any point in going into the finer points of an issue, quoting cases or detailed aspects of law. Instead, the faq’s are intended as a starting point for a more in-depth discussion or advice.

Ealing solicitors hope that you find the business law guides helpful. Plaese do get in touch for any commercial or business legal issues you have in the Ealing area.